Making liquid heating
smart and sustainable.

Heatle, the world's first inductive immersion heater, heats liquids in the vessel of your choice* to the desired temperature for a pure, sustainable experience without plastic, BPA, lime residue, noise and unnecessary waste of energy. Cheers!

* except metal (glass, ceramic, porcelain, paper, plastic, wood, stone ...)

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Clean, efficient, sustainable


As multifaceted as Berlin


High-tech with passion


Your cup. Your drink. Your temperature.

Enjoy the pure taste with a clear conscience - completely without plastics, lime residue and BPA.

You deserve it.


Please expect several months of waiting time. Chronological fulfillment.


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The world's first immersion heater based on induction. Images/videos display working prototypes. The device is in development, please review important information.

  • Temperature range: 30-100 ° C via rotary knob in 5° C steps
  • Changes and your own presets via app
  • Strongest recommended vessel bottom thickness: 2cm
  • Base diameter: 188mm
  • Height of the base: 70mm (with feet)
  • Rod: 260mm
  • Disc diameter: 35, 45, 55mm (magnetically removable)
  • Maximum power: 2,000 watts, dynamically and manually adjustable
  • Voltage: 220-230V

Please note that certain specifications may change in mass production.

The set includes:

  • Induction base in the chosen color
  • Battery-free rod with Bluetooth and temperature sensor
  • Magnetic heating disc, 45mm diameter (medium size)
  • Single Tray made of high quality Tritan (same color as base)

Rods, discs in other sizes and further accessories can be purchased separately. The rods and discs don't work on any other induction hob.

We offer you a 100% money-back guarantee while you wait for your Heatle - but no later than the start of production, which we will announce. After that, you can return at the earliest within the 14-day cancellation period after receiving the Heatle, as you are used to in online shopping.

Refunds will be made within 30 days.

Heatle is an innovative device developed in Berlin that saves water and electricity. Unlike other devices, Heatle can be repaired and recycled. Wherever possible, we use sustainable and ecological materials and resources.

For every Heatle sold, we also donate up to $5 to our partner Eden Reforestation Projects to plant up to 50 trees and fight poverty. With your pre-order you are actively helping to make the world a better place.

Delivery schedule

Heatle is still in development and your pre-purchase supports our innovation on its way to market. The first production batch was delivered in December 2021. We will manufacture and deliver as soon as possible, but quality is our top priority. The first major manufacturing batch is scheduled for early 2022 and depends on how soon we receive how many components, because there are massive delays in the global supply chain. Several thousand people are currently waiting in the queue. Thank you for your early support!


The prices are incl. VAT. (will be declared on the invoice upon delivery). The price does not change if you order more than one. Our customers from the UK and Switzerland will receive the VAT back upon delivery. Import and customs procedures for UK/CH are not fully clarified at this point.

Shipping costs depend on the destination country, are not included in the price and will be shown in the store as soon as you have entered the delivery address.


Within the first 24 months of receipt, we will repair or replace your Heatle free of charge (shipping charges may apply) in accordance with legal guidelines if it is found to be defective. We will consider adding an extended warranty option (extended warranty) later. Just to be clear: This only applies to regular use, not if your Heatle is dropped, broken, cracked, intentionally damaged or hacked, for example.

Change of properties

As transparently stated in the TOS and everywhere else, we are in development and have just completed our first pre-production run. The device may change as we prepare it for mass production, such as in size, color, shape, function, material, etc. We will keep you and the community informed about such changes.


That's what the experts say

The Heatle is a mini induction hob that you can use to heat all kinds of liquids, everything from tea to hot chocolate or milk. And it's faster and cheaper to run than an electric kettle. Cheers!

Jon Bentley

The Gadget Show

At the Bosch Startup Harbour we are amazed to see first hand how this passionate startup develops its business concept and solution. We are proud to have the Heatle team as part of our accelerator.

Anne Hünemohr

Bosch Startup Harbour (Foto: Bosch)

Heatle helps to save massive resources in production and operation. By intelligently omitting the water container, Heatle gives the phrase "less is more" a new dimension. That's what I call design for grandchildren.

Prof. Sebastian Feucht

HTW Berlin, Industrial Design / SUSTAINABLE DESIGN CENTER e.V.

The thin rod that, equipped with the appropriate electronics, can heat any liquid within seconds - whether milk, soup or water, whether in cups or jugs. Magnetic force makes the small stick stable, an app controls it.

Stephan Finsterbusch

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

I can clean this stick much faster than the kettle. Plus, I can always make the cup portion, in other words: it doesn't take that long and there isn't half a liter of boiling water standing around. There is no other product like this.

Christian Hensen

Computer BILD

Ultra-modern immersion heater based on induction.

A metal rod is heated at the push of a button and makes a glass of water hot for me.


Ralph Benz

ZDF/3Sat (Nano)

The Berlin-based startup that has developed this miniature induction-based device for efficiently heating liquid faster than a kettle. Heatle can boil a cup-full of liquid – or exactly how much you need – in under a minute.

Jamie Carter



We plant 50 trees per heatle

As the official partner of Eden Reforestation Projects we donate to plant up to 50 new trees and to fight poverty for every device sold. Join our cause!

Award-winning technology.

Heatle won all 3 main prizes at the renowned BPW2020, including Special sustainability award and EMC Award (Siemens, InnoEnergy). In addition, Heatle was a finalist at the great Berlin-Brandenburg 2020 Innovation Prize.

Heatle's special technology contributes to less e-waste and helps every household and office to save water and energy every day - worldwide.

Better for you. And the planet.

Your Kettle wastes up to 60% of energy per cup. And for other liquids you need additional devices that are inefficient, do not measure temperature and over 85% of which are never recycled.

Let's make the world a little better together - with Heatle, your new, sustainable and smart life companion.