In this section we publish updates for our pre-orderers and interested parties at least once a month. Each update will also be sent via email. Please check your inbox and make sure you receive our emails.

Update from 12.02.2021: "After the presale: next steps..."

The first big Heatle presale ended on February 8. Almost 6.000 units were pre-purchased from all over Europe and we had been busy with answering thousands of emails, comments and questions. We would like to express our gratitude for this breathtaking support which enables the realisation of our technology!

Now we would like to share our first follow-up and answer a couple of questions frequently asked after the presale.


Once a month, we will share one big update with everyone who preordered or signed up to the waitlist. It will include our snapshot in development and production or other important announcements (no ads), e.g. when the open beta stats or when we need your feedback on some designs or accessories. Now we go at full speed and do our best to deliver the first units by the end of the year, as announced.


We realised that many people on the waitlist missed the presale or had issues completing their purchase. In case you were on the waitlist and haven't managed to preorder yet, please let us know before February 28 (e.g. by replying to this email).

From February 9 on, the price will increase gradually up to the RRP of €249 in 2022.


You can change the color of your preordered device anytime before production or preorder new devices in your preferred colors. We will announce when colors will be locked for production. A new/changed delivery address can be shared with us anytime. Please note that plug types are based on destination country. If you wish to use UK plugs, please make sure the delivery will go to the UK, otherwise please drop us a note.

In case you haven't received an order confirmation, please let us know. Some people had typos in their email address.


Your Heatle comes with one magic wand and one 45mm heating disc. Additional options such as other disc sizes, trays, cleaning tabs, alternative designs for the knob etc. will be shared in the next months and can be ordered later on.


We are here for you and we want to bring this innovation to life together with you. If you have any questions, feedback or ideas, please ping us anytime. It's most convenient to do so on Facebook or Instagram. We post updates and videos there regularly. Or via email: hi@heatle.de.