Order information

It is our goal to ship the first contingent before Christmas 2021. We can't confirm yet if it will include all pre-ordered devices or only the first 500, 1,000 or more (for example) due to the specifics of manufacturing. We will try to ship as many as possible.

We ship to all customers from the EU, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and the UK. You can order from outside, but it must be delivered to these countries.

Yes, you can update your address if you move or need a change.

Heatle pre-sales are for residential customers only. You can not pre-order as a company. The invoice will be issued to you as a private person and the 19% VAT (EU only) will be declared separately.

After the purchase you will receive a written confirmation of your pre-order with us. The actual invoice will be sent together with the product or will be issued when we start delivery. You will primarily receive a digital PDF invoice.

The pre-sale in February 2021 offers a discount of 100 € because people support us very early and are willing to wait a long time. We will make this edition first and everyone who participated will get their Heatle as early as possible - much earlier than anyone who orders later or buys from a retail store.

If you miss the pre-sale for some reason, there could be another sale in the future before we officially hit stores in 2022. This basically means that you won't be one of the world's early adopters, but you'll still be able to buy a device in the future.

We deliver your Heatle with a matching plug used in your country (referring to the country of delivery!).

In principle, we are not responsible for this. However, we reserve the right, if there are enough pre-orders from e.g. Switzerland, to deliver a pallet of devices to Switzerland, to declare them there ourselves and then to arrange the distribution from within Switzerland, so that each package is not shipped individually from Germany.

Product information

Use cases we have tested: Water (tea, baby food), milk (including vegan milk), infant milk, cocoa, mulled wine, light soup (like broth), tomato soup (needs stirring).

All non-ferrous (non-metal) vessels can be used, for example, your cup/bowl/pot can be made of:

- Glass

- plastic

- ceramic

- porcelain

- paper

- wood

Make sure the vessel is capable of holding the temperature. For example, some mugs are not designed for boiling (100°C) water. If you have a metal mug or a container with metal parts, don't use it on the Heatle unless it's officially Heatle-certified (Moka-Pots/Bialetti, for example, have yet to be approved by us). It can be dangerous because it even heats the handle and does not regulate the temperature.

The time Heatle takes to heat the liquid depends mainly on the vessel (bottom thickness) and the amount of liquid. For example, Heatle can boil 250 ml of water in a thin-bottomed cup in just under a minute, and a liter in 3-5 minutes, depending on the vessel and the size of the heating disc.

1.5 liters is the maximum capacity we recommend as long as your household pot can support that volume. Please note that Heatle is designed for rapid heating of single servings, which is what most of us mainly need.

There is no existing induction cooktop that can heat such small heating discs. That's why we developed our own technology and applied for a patent. You need our base to heat small metal bodies.

You don't need to hold the rod, just set your desired result and devote yourself to more important things. The Heatle stops heating when it reaches the set temperature. There is an audible feedback/signal in the device as well as push notifications in the future.

"Keep warm" is technically possible, but it is not a standard feature and may be available in the future via software update through the app. Heatle is designed to heat individual servings at lightning speed. Once your drink has cooled, you can reheat it very quickly. Keeping it warm is not efficient.

The rod is not actively heated, but by the liquid (just as the cup itself is also heated by the water). The replaceable disc at the bottom is heated actively. It is as hot as the liquid itself, i.e. up to 100°C. You can put it on any suitable surface, e.g. a plate, to let it cool down. After 3-5 seconds under tap water, the disk will also be cool again. You can also attach the magnetic rod and disc to a metal surface to keep it away from children or older people. However, in the future we will also offer special trays for this purpose.

The heating disks are available in different sizes, they are magnetically removable and can be put in the dishwasher or cleaned by hand, depending on how dirty they are. The rod itself should not go in the dishwasher, but can be cleaned by hand quite easily. In the future we will provide an individual cleaning solution to remove lime scale and other stains (eg milk, tea).

You don't need a smartphone or an internet connection to operate Heatle. You can simply use the rotary knob and the integrated display to access all standard functions. Heatle does not have its own internet connection, but uses your smartphone as a gateway to get updates, maintenance or access to new features.

In the future, we will offer ways to connect your Heatle to existing smart home systems as well as voice assistants like Google Home, Alexa/Echo, Siri, etc. Stay tuned for our upcoming IoT and API updates. To start, the Heatle is a standalone device.

The integrated version, which is built directly into countertops or tables, will be available soon, but only to contractors who can install it. As a consumer, you can not buy this solution directly from us.

Heatle is a miniature induction cooktop and is tested and certified as such. If you are not allowed to be near electromagnetic fields or induction devices for medical reasons (e.g. pacemakers), treat the Heatle like other induction devices.

There are no "waves" as with the microwave and no ionizing radiation. Induction is a different technology that, especially in our case, works with spatially relatively small magnetic fields that become exponentially weaker the further away they are from you.

Company information

We are currently reviewing our options. We need to complete some development steps (especially DFM) before we can sign agreements with factories and start small batch production. We are in discussions with manufacturers in Germany, Austria, Eastern Europe, Korea, China, Japan and Malaysia.

Please note that our manufacturing decision for the first batch does not have to be permanent. Ideally, we would like to produce locally in Berlin-Brandenburg.

Miito was a different company with different founders. Just like Heatle, Miito was trying to develop a device based on a patented idea from 1997. There were other attempts, by the way, for example by the industry giant Groupe SEB (Tefal, WMF...).
Miito sold thousands of devices around the world before the technology was ready, and, unfortunately for thousands of backers, failed to develop what was promised. It remained a beautiful design object with many awards but no technology inside.
We at Heatle did the opposite - the founders invested their own money and developed the technology over the course of 4 years before going public and asking for your hard-earned cash. Heatle was shown and tested at IFA, it is exhibiting in a famous store in the heart of Berlin and you can see it working in many videos.
David Riding, the co-founder and engineer of Heatle, was employed full-time at Miito since September 2015, but left the project during his short probation period. He was neither a founder nor had he influence on the strategy or access to collected funds.
"I am a Miito backer, can I...?"We are not related to Miito and did not receive any funds or know-how from their venture. Heatle is entirely self-funded. It's very disappointing that you lost your money, but please understand that we cannot financially make up for mistakes of a totally different company and give additional discounts or free units.